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OMNI Cloud Indonesia

We offer unparalleled reliability, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to seamless scalability, ensuring your business experiences optimal performance and growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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OMNI Bare Metal

Only the best for your most business-critical applications. Unlock greater performance and value for your business. See our cloud platform in action today!

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OTT EyeballStream

Unlock greater performance and value for your business. See Indo Connect in action today!

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Private Virtual Data Center (VDC)

Allow organizations to rent virtual infrastructure from cloud providers at need. Contact us today!

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Indonesia GovCloud

Strategic choice for government agencies navigating the complexities of cloud adoption.

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⁠Cloud Architecture Solution

Unlock greater performance and value for your business. Contact us today!

Cloud Architecture - Omnicloud

About Cloud Architecture Solution

What are benefits of cloud architecture?

Cloud architecture refers to how various cloud technology components, such as hardware, virtual resources, software capabilities, and virtual network systems interact and connect to create cloud computing environments.


Instead of investing upfront costs for servers, you can opt to use the infrastructure of a cloud service provider.


Cloud architectures give you more flexibility to scale computing resources up (or down) based on your infrastructure requirements.

High availability

Applications run and managed on cloud architectures benefit from high-performance computing resources.

Strong security

Cloud service providers consistently upgrade and improve their security mechanisms with the latest technologies to help secure your data, systems, and workloads.

⁠Cloud Architecture Solution

Cloud architecture components

  • A frontend platform 
  • A backend platform
  • A cloud-based delivery model 
  • A network (internet, intranet, or intercloud)
Cloud Architecture - Omnicloud

How does cloud architecture work?

In cloud architecture, each of the components works together to create a cloud computing platform that provides users with on-demand access to resources and services. The types of services available to use vary depending on the cloud-based delivery model or service model you have chosen.

Cloud Architecture - Omnicloud

Types of cloud architecture

Cloud adoption is not one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to consider what type of cloud you want to build based on your existing technology investments, your specific business requirements, and the overall goals you hope to achieve. There are three main types of cloud architecture you can choose from: public, private, and hybrid.

Unlock greater performance and value for your business. Contact us today!

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